NFL Picks

Finally the weekend is here after a less-than-stellar five days of trading (I'll recap tomorrow).

On to much more important things, i.e. the NFL. "The Patriot Act" or "CameraGate", at least one has to admit that sports writers and the blogosphere are on fire these days. So many angles to cover so little time. I like the Pats but this ordeal still worries me. I think this is Belichick's last year as a head coach because come January he'll be fed up with the booing and comments like "sure, you won, but you're a damn cheat!" Quite a shame, of course, but why on earth carry on with the signal stealing when warned?

Anyway, on to my picks. I've decided on a fixed format after week 1, meaning I'll only pick two games and respect the lines (using Bodog). So, after last week, I'm 0-2 (W-L). Phew!

So, who do I like this week? Well, for some reason, bookies aren't that sure Seatlle will win their division. Considering the state of the Rams, Cardinals and Niners, that's a mistake. Jets stand to get a boost from a new QB while facing a depleted Ravens team...

Week 2 Picks
Seatlle (-3) over Arizona
Jets (+10) over Ravens

Last week/season: 0-2.

Can't wait for the Pats-Chargers game, just imagine all the subplots.

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